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Norton Antivirus Chat Support- Facing problem using Norton Antivirus? Failed to understand what is this happening and why? Want to get rid of these problems immediately? Don’t Worry, Norton Chat Support got your back to combat all these problems quickly. Norton Chat support is available 24×7 in your service to provide you with quick and effective solutions to remove the errors being faced by you that while chatting.

Users can always talk to Norton experts available on Norton Chat Support throughout the day. Norton experts provide you with real-time assistance to solve the technical problems faced by users. They provide customized solutions to the kind of problem being faced by the user.

But before we turn to Norton Chat Support, we have listed the common problems faced by users while using Norton Antivirus. And the further paragraphs talk about the troubleshooting methods to overcome some of the problems being faced by the users. Users should perform these troubleshooting methods to understand the problem and probably solve them yourself. But you can always talk to Norton experts to get their help in overcoming these issues.

Also, go through the other blogs published by the Norton Experts team specific to the problems generally found in the Norton Antivirus. Probably you can find a short and simple solution to the error occurring in your system. And with those steps and solutions to resolve the various technical issues faced by Norton Antivirus users.

Common Norton Antivirus Problems

  • Norton Antivirus not opening or crashing
  • Norton Antivirus Advanced Protection Problems
  • Norton Antivirus Internet Connectivity Problems
  • Norton Antivirus Update Problems
  • Norton Installation Problems
  • Norton scan not working
  • Unable to uninstall Norton Antivirus
  • Norton Securit issues

Easy Troubleshooting Ways to Resolve Norton Antivirus Problems

If you are facing any issue pertaining to Norton Antivirus and you are not able to use it well, then it’s time that you use certain troubleshooting methods to overcome these problems by yourself.

Update to the Latest Version

Update Norton Antivirus to the latest version. This can be done through the Norton Update Centre by clicking on Update Me Now. You can even download the program manually through the Norton website under the downloads section. Using the model of the computer or windows you are using you can easily download the recent files and install them.

Free up RAM to create operating space for Norton Antivirus

It is important that you have enough RAM for Norton to perform well. If your system is working slow or is not opening certain programs, then you need to clear up unnecessary RAM. For this close all the additional programs running on your computer at the same time. Make sure that you don’t close any important programs.

To check which all programs are taking up your RAM you need press Cntrl+Alt+Delete and then click on the Start Task Manager option. NOw click on the Processes tab → Memory menu item. Now you’ll be able to see all the processes in order of the RAM they are occupying. From here you can shut down certain unnecessary programs to create space for Norton.

Restart the Computer entirely

Restarting the device can solve maximum problems. It is possible that certain programs were conflicting creating it difficult for the Antivirus to function. Restarting will solve this problem. Before doing this you can also try shutting down the software and restarting it.

Undo any recent changes to the computer system

In case you have performed any changes to either the hardware or the software of your computer in recent times, then you should consider turning them back to the original. These changes might be causing conflicts with the antivirus software. The latest versions of certain applications might have features that are not adaptable with the antivirus.

Also, check the recent changes that you made to the settings of your computer. It is possible that you have removed Norton Antivirus from default virus protection software.

Uninstalling and Reinstalling the Software

This can sometimes be the ultimate solution to any underlying problem which you are unable to discover. There might be some missing files or damaged files. Uninstalling the software entirely will remove the files completely and you download them afresh. After uninstalling the software, check for any remaining files pertaining to that software. For this check, your hard drive’s Program Files folder is located in the C drive. If you find any file pertaining to that software, delete that. Once you are sure that you have deleted every file pertaining to the affected software, you are ready to install that again.

Check for conflicting firewall protection software

This might be the case that you have another firewall protection software installed on your PC that is not allowing the Norton Antivirus to function in its way. To check if this is the issue you need to scroll through the applications installed on your computer to find any other antivirus or antimalware software installed on your PC. If you find any such software, you need to immediately uninstall that and make Norton Antivirus the default antivirus software.

DO check for any remaining files of that previous software. Ensure that there are no remaining files pertaining to that software.

Restart in Safe Mode

Safe Mode enables a problem-free environment to use applications and solve certain issues. Safe mode opens Windows in the default mode thus disabling any customized settings done in the normal window.

Windows allows its users to enter safe mode by pressing F8 while the computer is booting up. Similarly, you need to press Shift Key while the computer is booting up in the case of Mac systems.

Now open the Norton Antivirus in software in safe mode. Try repeating the same procedure you were doing in the normal window and see if you encounter the same problem. Most probably you will not find the same problem. This proves that your operating system is probably the root cause behind the issue and not the software itself.

Performing Disk Defragmentation of your hard drive

If you find your system not performing efficiently and is quite slow in reacting to your commands, then you can enhance the speed of your computer by performing disk defragmentation of your hard drive. This will boost the overall efficiency of your system making it fast enough.

To perform disk defragmentation in Windows follow this procedure: Start → All Programs → Accessories → System Tools → Disk Defragmenter.

Disk Defragmentation rearranges the hard drive’s file structure making the system efficient. This process may take some time, so accordingly plan this procedure.


It is important that you try these troubleshooting methods by yourself before getting in touch with Norton Chat Support. This will make you aware of your own computer and you’ll know what may be the root cause of the error faced by you. If the above solutions fail to solve your error then you already know that these are not the solutions when the support team would suggest you the same. So, it’s always better that you yourself try all these solutions and still you face the error, you can contact Norton Chat Support at any time.
But this might be time-consuming, if you don’t have time to work on these troubleshooting ways then you can directly turn to our Norton Antivirus Chat Support at any time during the day. The chat support provides you real-time support to solve the problems being faced by you and will stay with you until it is solved.

Norton Antivirus Chat Support

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